SCCM has a fully computerized and automated Library with a bar code system enabling easy and quick transactions. Open access system provides easy accessibility enabling the students to make maximum use of the library. Internet connected 14 systems and free internet facilities are provided. The library is equipped with a vast collection of books of prescribed syllabus and resource materials for competitive exams. Deposit scheme to allow students to borrow books for longer periods during exams. Separate SC/ST Book Bank, Book kits containing essential textbooks issued to students every semester, reducing financial burden on students are the added features of our Library.


Identity card is a must for all library transactions. ID cards are non-transferable. Users are requested to maintain silence in the library. University dress-code is applicable while visiting library on all occasions. Users should ensure that when browsing through books they replace the item from where it was taken, according to the shelf arrangement. Users should avoid taking out several volumes of reports, journals and books at any one moment. The library reading area should be used only for reference and consultation of resource materials. Usage of cell phone in the library is strictly prohibited. Users should fully cooperate with the library staff. In case of any need they should meet the Librarian. The persistent defaulter’s of various library rules will have their library services suspended.

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