The Sports facilities are established to develop athleticism, to keep students HEALTHY in body and in mind. The Club provides coaching in athletics and games for committed performers. The Sports Club takes up the responsibility of organizing the inter & intra- collegiate events. Organizing Inter-collegiate athletics meet and tournaments are also the responsibilities of the Sports Club. Regular coaching is provided. The College has a full-time Physical Education Instructor who takes care of the activities of the Sports Club. The Shanthaian’s have won sporting accolades at the inter-collegiate, university, state, South Zone & at National Levels.


TheGames & Competitions for the students Inter-collegiate Sports Meet Inter-collegiate Tournaments Regular Coaching in Games and Athletics



The NSS Unit of our college has been in existence since 2014. The basic motto of NSS (National Service Scheme) of Shantha PU College and College of Commerce and Management is to achieve holistic education through Service. To practice national integration and social harmony, we nurture the youth with personality development and character moulding through voluntary community services. NSS Unit of the college aims to instil the service oriented mindset in the youth putting ‘the Community’ before ‘the Self’’ making them capable to render dedicated social services in their-own field of activities in due course and to become socially-productive global citizens.


The Counselling Centre at Shantha PU College & College of Commerce and Management is designed to support students’ personal growth, development, and academic excellence. Our motto is to provide students with an opportunity to understand their emotional-wellness and to develop skills apt to utilize their immense potentials in the right direction channelizing their energetic youth for healthy choices while making decisions.


Additional Services in Shantha P.U & DEGREE COLLEGE


At Shantha PU College and College of Commerce and Management, we believe in the health and wellness of physique of the Students. Our canteen serves the purpose of catering the wholesome, delicious, nutritious, healthy and hygienic food in this direction. While ensuring the quality of food, the canteen serves it at affordable rates too.


Various endowment prizes, medals and scholarships are awarded to eligible students every year, in the College.


VGrievance Redressal Mechanism for Staff and Students: Grievance Redressal Committees have been constituted in respect of staff and students with senior faculty as chairman and staff as members of respective committee.

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