Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

The Shantha group of institutions is designed and staffed with the utmost care to bring out the very best in our students and help them grow into confident achievers. Our goal is to attract, nurture and develop students and teachers from all backgrounds to serve our great country India and the wider world beyond. We strive to extend scholarships and grants to deserving students in our community to remove financial barriers to quality education.

Our institutions offer both day scholars and residential students a well rounded curriculum in academics, sports, service and creative arts. We teach our children to be disciplined, hard working, kind, compassionate and ethical thinkers with a special focus on good personal health and well being. These are the qualities the world needs of tomorrow’s leaders and nation builders.

We believe students are born learners and it is our sacred duty to provide them with the right environment to bloom.

“It takes a village to raise a child”- Ancient African Proverb

All of us, Parents, Teachers and Staff, and the people around the child, are all key players in shaping the development of a student. Working together as a community, we can support our children to achieve a very successful future.

I invite you to play an active role, with constructive input and active participation, to help your child learn and grow.

If you wish to see for yourself how Shantha Group of Institutions provides each student a happy, safe and productive place of learning, I invite you to visit us. Please visit our website and schedule a tour.


S. R Shekar BSc, BEd, MA MHR
CEO of Shantha Educational Institutions
and Principal of Shantha Vidyaneketan